So, you may have noticed the rather inconspicuous banner up at the top, and thought “Really? They’re working again?!”

Well, yep. Ever since this site was launched, nothing has really happened on it. I originally intended for this to be a place for me to post new content, and also update you guys, but I never did. I uploaded at least 5 meme videos, and none of them were posted here (although that may be good).

Anyway, we are officially moving back! The old site was run using Adobe Portfolio, which is what we’ll be using next. It’s free, and a lot less risky than running WordPress on an EC2 instance. I swear I’ve been charged $0.02 for the past 5 months now.

To summarise: This site is going away, and we are moving back to Adobe Portfolio. If this gets popular enough then I’ll probably end up coding my own site and just paying for hosting.

If you have any questions, then the forms on this site still work fine, so drop me a line on the contact page, or email (385) 270-6156

Also, check out my new site – 5097714869, where I’ll be putting film projects I’m working on.



P.S. There’s a status page. -> /status.techphil.co.uk