I need to go and buy some stamps.

Put on a coat. If you don't, you'll catch a cold.

You don't know the system, do you?

You should've trusted me.

I see them every day.

Don't whisper, let alone speak.

Please let me pay.

Tim's wife insisted on his taking her to Paris.


They're finally here.

You look positively ravishing.

An Englishman would not pronounce it like that.

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I'm going to the restroom.


My father died in Vietnam.

A Sioux gave that old trapper a golden nugget.

There's nothing we can do about that problem.


The man walked round the corner.

It can be dangerous.

He couldn't think where to hide it.

I wonder what Marcia was thinking.

Everybody likes French fries.

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The population of Osaka is larger than of Kobe.


He barely missed being killed in the accident.


Ole looked upset.

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This door leads to the study.

Olivier fell into a deep sleep.

What is it exactly?

I should be there in less than three hours.

Do you think she still wants to marry me?

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There is no evidence that the story is based on his own experience.

I need to find her.

Have we made progress?

Last Friday I played soccer with friends.

I have no idea what'll happen tomorrow.


I know what you're trying to do here.

This rule is often ignored.

They are expected any minute now.

He's been abroad for six years now.

How many years have you lived here?


He is an ideal husband for me.


He wished she had more time for him.

There's something on your back.

Srikanth didn't look busy.

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Do you want to go to the opera with me?


She is very fond of standing out.

Dignity doesn't cost anything, but I'm the only one who truly possesses it!

He tasted the cheesecake.

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Indra has never had a job.

Ramiro voted for Romney.

A monkey is climbing up a tall tree.

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Mohammad always pays his rent on time.

He's definitely the right guy for the job. Let him fiddle with a computer and he perks right up.

Judith is in show business.


That girl is certainly a hard worker.

My children live in Paris.

Knut didn't dare to look at Saiid.


He liked them and respected them.


40 dollars for seven days.

Your boyfriend looks cute.

Don't disturb her.

Let's get out of here before Kolkka sees us.

These are my parents.

Snow melts in the spring.

We worked really well together.

We soon believe what we desire.

I don't know why my dad hates you.

I myself drank all the beer.

Howdy folks.

I should've come here first.

Do you need a car?

I told her to come early.

He is an unmanageable child.

Five fours are twenty.

You're faithful.

I wish I had your dedication.

I wouldn't tell them what they wanted to know.


Please wait in the waiting room until the inspection results are ready.


The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee.

So, what would you do?

Let's just talk this through.

What are you grinning about?

The Prime Minister held a press conference yesterday.

I'd like to run a few more tests.

Maria is a one trick pony.


Isabelle began to speak.

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Cut that out!

May I please ask you to open the window, please?

If he had trained himself harder at that time, he would be healthier now.


Everybody was listening intently to Trey.

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I'm excited to go back to Boston.


She was having her period.

Collin screamed to Bernie for help.

Sorry to disturb you.

Please wash your hands after using the bathroom.

Nici seems to be enjoying the party.

You already know what to do.

She'll pass the exam for sure.

He is fond of painting.

They seem to be having a disagreement.

He got up at eight in the morning.

I've spoken to her about it.

What do you call that game in which kids hammer the heads of elves?

There's something in there.

He is advised to keep to a strict diet.

Izzy had a sore throat.

I have to meet Chet.

If you skip my classes, I'll kill you.

Emily is afraid of heights.

The fireworks went off exactly at midnight.


Sorry for telephoning you so early.

We all must stand up against this.

I must contact them.

Jelske is filling out a ballot.

Everyone has to learn the words by heart.

If you had a time machine, which year would you visit?

Please don't leave me with her.

I think I'd better do what List told me to do.

Tovah was tired and in a bad mood.


I wish I had learned French when I was a kid.

What is she doing here?

There are some who would consider Becky handsome.

The kernel of the morphism of groups always contains the neutral element.

I notice the sale prices are written in red ink.

I'm going now!

At best I can do only half of what you did.

That would be a better idea!

I think I'd rather not eat that.

She always wanted to do things her way.

I greased Sridharan's palm.

All governments will have to cooperate in this matter.

I think you need to think about the future.

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What do you call "yuri" in English?


Do you want to buy a shirt?

Huey lived alone.

She's a fashion slave.

Brown and his friends were forced to flee.

I didn't know that you were a monster.


Rob doesn't know if Rod likes him.

This guy is really wishy-washy. He couldn't make a decision to save his life.

It is illegal to sell cigarettes to a minor.

Here's a picture of Mac.

All but one of 8 planets of the Sun lack life.

What do you think really happened?

Vic lived in Boston for 30 years.


He takes his time when he works.


I was lucky that the policeman didn't give me a ticket for making a U-turn at an intersection that had a no U-turn sign.

They continued to push south.

You should avoid getting into a fight.

Are you feeling better, Shari?

Without water, you could not live.


Can I do this?

He is an early riser.

You were clearly mistaken.

Lust awakens the desire to possess. And that awakens the intent to murder.

Let's try one more.

Venkata sure drinks a lot.

Nobody seemed to be there.

If you don't like it, then don't eat it.

I changed plans. Moving would be too expensive right now.

Do you want to see my cat?

It's normal to be a little afraid.

The eruption seems to be waning.

Two boys came running out of the room.

The Mayans abandoned many of their cities.

I can work with that.

Don't throw it out.

Carlo doesn't like green beans.