Mason Phillips



A highly skilled developer with years of experience, I've worked with everything from hardware to firmware to software.

While backend web development is my expertise, I also have experience in Swift, Python, Java, and other languages.

Programming is my passion. Some technologies I work with are

  • Languages (Python, Swift, PHP, Java)
  • Frameworks (CodeIgniter, WordPress)
  • Dependency Managers (NPM, Cocoapods, Yarn, Brew)
  • Systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Cisco IOS)
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Work is important, but I take my play seriously as well. A fan of solo story-based games, I also take time to play competitively.

From Syndra in LoL to Ellie in The Last of Us, I enjoy and stream a wide variety of games.

Teamwork is important for a job and for gaming, and my passion is in both

  • Games (League of Legends, The Last of Us, BioShock)
  • Competitive (Super League Gaming, Battlefy, League Clash)
  • Discord (The Harem (Twitch), Official ICDXX Gaming)
  • Streaming (Twitch, YouTube)
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Taking time out of a busy schedule is imperative, spending it with family and friends is even more important.

Hobbies are also an important part of life, giving spice and diversity, making wonderful memories with those I care most about.

I give just as much passion to my human side as any other side

  • Hobbies (Building computers, movies, swimming, bowling)
  • Learning (Seminars, field exercises)
  • Time with family & friends
  • Vacations
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