The policeman took the thief by the arm.


More than 1000 issues are listed on the stock exchange.

I need to go to the bathroom.

The native language is now used on many web-sites.

History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.

Cliff came up to me after class and asked me a few questions.

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She successfully crossed the Pacific with a ship.

Hand it to Adam.

Whose turn is it to pay?

Why do you want to waste time doing that?

Lex didn't want Kimberly to work.


Literature flourishes best when it is half a trade and half an art.

Dan mailed wedding invitations to all of his friends.

I don't work for you.


An artist is a sheep that strays from the flock.

Sofia doesn't know that.

Does your shame know no bounds?

I had never seen so many in my life.

That was really something.

I don't really have time to go downtown.

What part of Betty Grable's anatomy was famously insured for $1,000,000?

Do you know her address? I'm thinking of inviting her out.

I need you to help me find Dion.

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Carolyn told Bobbie about what she should do.

Sheep eat grass.

He is a doctor, but also a writer.

It didn't bother me.

All Jack does is sleep.

We know Peggy didn't do it.

The first immigrants in American history came from England and the Netherlands.


Her behavior is worthy of reverence.

Johann has three cameras.

You arrived too early.

Kanthan went downtown.

It was such a shock.

Floyd and Jayesh mailed wedding invitations to all of their friends.

The clatter of the horse's hooves soothed him.

I didn't need Ralf.

She was wonderfully alive for her age.

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While I was at it, I felt as if I was walking on thin ice.

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Kirsten politely pretended not to notice that Mariou had been crying.

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I won't tell Panzer anything you say to me.

Why don't you ever take me out to dinner?

Don't look so happy about it.


The Indians fought with bows and arrows.

He'll never notice the difference.

Social customs vary greatly from country to country.

These aren't cheap.

Grief has silvered her hair.

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Nobody's seen me.

Dan invited Linda to have a coffee with him.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Men should work.

Can I talk to him for a minute?


Stop vegetating on the couch.

Why don't you help?

She was a fine artist and photographer.


Sir, stop. I can explain.

They need help.

Is it really that hard to speak French?

He valued the professor's advice.

A city at night with neon signs in logograms and phonograms looks just marvellous.

One evening a man came to my house.

Think of your opponent as nothing more than a handful of ash.


Tobias doesn't know what's really going on.

Pascal and Gill must be worried.

Come home by 6:30.

You're stronger than me.

You are here in order to fulfill my commands.

Why are you reading that?

Their behavior was disgraceful.

Kanthan is wearing a silver ring.

He always leaves the window open while he sleeps.

In the Diet, often a politician or two leave without permission when a question becomes too personal.

On Friday I help Mother make Challa for Sabbath.

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Long ago in early cultures, the ball in the game was the symbol of the sun.


With her extravagant tastes, she was incapable of making ends meet.

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Hey, put that back.

We regard Dr. Brown as the best heart specialist in the United States.

Do you know this place well?

Shadow him.

I spent time with Emil in Boston.

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She'll return very soon.

The crowd loved the concert.

You should think before you speak.

I'm nervous now.

"They must have been ghosts," I said.

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The precious stone belonged to Mario.

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I'm still a teacher.

They're not kidding.

I think there's a job opening up at our company, if you're interested.

Divide this among yourselves.

I like this song. It has a nice rhythm and is danceable.


We were moving a little too fast.

Your English has improved.

The police were watching Yamada's movements.

This character represents the will to learn.

I know that he has always been loved by her.

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Rajendra is really busy most of the time.

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I translated Tao's letter into French.

Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

Can these books really be of any use to young people?

Malcolm had to stay in bed.

This dictionary is written in English.

This site is in a toplist. If you found it interesting, please click!

Let me think about it and I'll get back to you.

Shari allowed Thierry to hold his hand.

Page told Roberta he needed her help.


What happened to our food?

Diana's singing impressed him so much that he asked her to sing on the radio.

Carisa heard coughing.

He came first.

I hope she's safe.


It was just as you suspected.

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Things will get nasty.

I've moved out.

It doesn't seem to matter.

I thought she was going to kill me.

It's been a while since I've seen Amanda.

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He replied that he knew nothing about it.

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How did you persuade Hugh to come back home?

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I was happy to pass the exam.

Nobody would want to hurt Marcel.

I have photographed my daughter.

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You're my woman.

It's about time to start.

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow.

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How are we supposed to find List?

My mom bought this shirt for me.

It was tough.

I don't feel like doing it.

Can you use a gun?

I wanted to swim every day.

Do you mind if I try this on?

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Our plans for the vacation are still up in the air.

Keep an eye on him.

Her car overtook ours.


I can hear a saxophone somewhere.

I study for 3 hours every day.

The alchemists wanted to turn lead into gold.

Eighty percent of all information on computers around the world is in English.

You're feeling very sleepy, aren't you?


She gave me a conflicting answer.


I didn't hurt that reporter. You're trying to make me look like the bad guy in the story.

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He is related to me by marriage.

Jennifer wants three hundred dollars for it.

You have a wonderful voice.

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He is far from diligent.

Tai doesn't see why Yvonne needs a new bicycle.

The eagle is king of birds.

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He is related to me by marriage.

When will the circumcision party be held?

Murat is sad, as in German sentences he is often separated from Ricardo by a comma.

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We found a glitch in the program that will have to be dealt with before we move on.

If you have the time, could you stop by my office around 3?

There's one cup of warm water on the table.


Kyoto is most crowded when it is extremely beautiful.


Mikey gave it back to Suzanne.