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Skiwl - Become awesome at what you ♥ to do

Order your Skiwl Profile, order!

Be awesome at what you ♥ to do!

What →

Skwil will help you map your skills and give you the insight to work on the things you love ot work on. Skiwl will provide resources to learn or improve skills so you can become even better at what you love to do. Aside from that, Skiwl will have projects where people need your skills. If you decide to help you will earn reputation and get paid for your efforts.

Why →

The reason Skiwl needs to be built is because people are fed up working for bosses they don't want to work for. Stuck at projects that they don't want to work on. Frustrated with people that they don't want to work with. You can join Skiwl aside from your job and have fun working on exiting projects meeting new people.

Who →

For the skilled

Profile and improve your skills while working on projects that pay.

For the ones who need help

Add your project and we'll find you the people you need to complete it.


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