She can play tennis very well, but I can play as well as she can.

I can only speak French and a little English.

It's unlikely that that movie will make a lot of money.

I've been very busy.


How close are you and Herve?

I stepped in the sludge.

I like doing stretching exercises at dusk.

There's room for discussion.

All I need is a break.

They made us work all day long.

I've called and called, but there's no answer.


Did you buy a house in Germany?

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My name is Mohamed.


I passed the second level of the Japanese language examination.

We can talk about this some other time.

It's fairly mild for this time of year.

We are too tired to study.

A long caravan of camel was heading to the West.


How much actual experience do you have?

You know we love you.

Ecotourism is more and more popular.

You have to break an egg to make an omelet.

Tim hit on a marvelous idea.

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I can't read Arabic script.


You should choose a job in relation to your talents and interests.


I'll bring you something to eat.

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Arlene was trying to help Harold.


Everyone but Dewey has already gone home.


Calm the hell down.


Ken studied English last night.


What is your room number?

Ira didn't do it for money.

My name is Luis.

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It's still snowing in Boston.


Lions, wolves, elephants, and horses are all animals.

Blair went on a camping trip.

I never dance sober.


I knew Niall would do that.

I totally understand.

What kind of flute is that?

Everybody was looking at me.

You can take a taxi.

Phill was humiliated.

I tried to warn everyone.

I've bought some cream puffs. Do you want one?

Father seldom comes home before eight.

Merat's older than me.

No doubt he will bring the money on the appointed day.

Please be quiet, everybody.

What would we do instead?


I think you've been lying to me.

Let's break off, shall we?

He has money enough and to spare.


Before making something, make the man.


You're making a terrible mistake.

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Did you warn them?


She has too much chat about her.


"I guess it's too late now." "No, Sir. It's never too late!"

I met nice people.

I don't sugar my coffee.

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Somebody was talking to them.

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Per grunted.

Dion looked like he was getting ready to leave.

I said I'm sorry.

Why don't you just let them go?

I'm sorry, but I can't do that.


I thought maybe you could tell me what I need to know.


No one would hurt him.

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I hate everything about Tovah.


I laughed so hard I cried.

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He made the most of his chance to learn.

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I have someplace to go.

Go ahead and say so if it hurts.

He blew on his fingers to make them warm.

I bought this camera yesterday.

Russell is not the only author of Principia Mathematica.


Let me help you.


If only you had stayed with us, you wouldn't have gotten into trouble.


Arriving at the station, she called up her brother.


He escaped injury, happily.

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It was all right here.

He was in error in assuming that she would come to see him.

Apparently, Ernst is going to a university in Boston.

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If you need any help, ask me.


Myron is in his bedroom doing his homework.

Auto-destruct sequence was set.

Leave him alone, please.


You're a poet and you didn't even know it.


Let's turn on the air conditioner.

It is a popular tourist destination.

Your suitcase looks heavy.

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Barbra became suspicious.


I got off the bus at the end of the line.

I need to give this package to Saumya.

They need a hero.


Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.

That belonged to them.

That landslide produced a lot of misery.

Stuart could have cancer.

I didn't even know his name.

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He felt ill at ease in the new surroundings.

There was looting.

You've made her unhappy.


Miniskirts will soon come back.

It's extremely important.

The heart of man is the place the devil dwells in; I feel sometimes a hell within myself.


They must have made a mistake.

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Did your parents approve of your marriage?

Anything else, sir?

He is making every possible effort to pass the examination.


You must be really proud.


Sometimes being overcautious in planning could upset the apple cart.


I don't get that many opportunities to talk with native speakers.


To make a long story short, we cannot accept your offer.

Darryl did a sloppy job.

The paper cut his finger as if it were a razor blade.


Mastering a foreign language isn't easy.

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Those twins are identical, not only their faces, but also in their characters.

Someone asked me to give this to you.

One may live in a big house and yet have no comfort.

I don't tan very easily.

That sounds real bad.


We'd better get going.

He has one kid.

At first, Peggy thought French was difficult, but now he thinks it's easy.

Their parents are older than ours.

Edwin, it's time we had a talk.

Lenora didn't think he was good enough for Kamiya.

When a fool has high self-esteem, confidence and initiative, he becomes a source of danger.

We are just trying to help you.

I want a knife.

How can you be this pessimistic?

The physicist was aware of the potential danger of nuclear fusion.


Serdar told me that he thought the dress that Joon was wearing was too short.


King John gave his father a magnificent funeral.

She does nothing but complain.

When he got into the emergency department, they said he just imagined everything.


Bring me my clothes.


Have a safe journey.


We really appreciate it.

Where are my leg warmers?

General Franks received an honorary knighthood.