The sparrow is cheeping.

Everything depends on it.


That is an absolute lie.

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I had a good time while I stayed in the country.

Len's is just as new as Emma's.

I'll go back to work tomorrow.

Rajiv would never let that happen.

You have a good heart, Tomas.


It's Claudine's house.

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His eyes were smiling behind his glasses.


My phone's ringing.


I haven't read all the books on the shelves.


It is very hard to tell what country a person comes from.


Takeuchi bragged about how well he could play chess.

He was gray, like his name.

What exactly happened between us?

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Just say it once.


We didn't like each other.


I'm thinking of going abroad next year.

My brother is watching TV.

Why did you take a cab?


If you are tired, go to bed.

If anything should be wrong with my car, I would go to by bus.

Molly has a big watch.

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My mom advised me to take a walk for a change.

The farmers complained that because of the dry weather there would be a poor harvest of winter grain.

I'm actually a university teacher.


I'm sorry for what I've done.

Don't watch TV until you finish your work.

She, with such a sweet and pure figure, killed herself while cursing both of our names.


I was able to answer the question correctly.


Guillermo has been a prison guard for ten years.


A perfect day is one spent in the garden.

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I've become disenchanted with politics.


Many, however, may wish to know more about this remarkable people from the outset, while some may not possess the earlier book.

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I am thirsty. I would like to have a cup of coffee.


I thought it wasn't supposed to rain today.

Dan was sitting in the kitchen, talking to himself.

It will not be long before we can know the truth of the matter.

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Why doesn't Hazel help you?

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It is very far as far as I know.


I did half the work; I think I can rest for a bit.


He knows how to read Chinese.

He speaks English with a German accent.

I never imagined myself going home so early.

We've accomplished a lot of things.

He's a famous artist.

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Don't hog the road.

This stain won't come out.

Marvin doesn't think he's as creative as Cory.

I rarely talk on the phone.

Although I really hate grammar, it's useful.

She did not return till six.

Let's not ruin it.


It seemed like you were happy.


She lives by her pen.


Your response is far from complete.

Let me try another one.

I lived in New York last year.

I said we'd find Torsten.

You must take his age into account when you judge his performance.

Do you think Boyce wants to live in Boston?

The office is having a farewell party.

John says he eats nothing but fruits and vegetables.

Where the hell have you been?

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The rain came down in earnest.


Damon doesn't need to work today.

Jean-Pierre went in my house.

Nowhere is safe.

Just because he's good, doesn't mean he's wise.

The weatherman says there is a storm on the way.

The dog was sleeping on the mat.

What will happen to me?

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Sal wants to go back home.


I never saw you.

She painted a vivid picture of the event.

Is there a photo shop in the hotel?


We'll wait for them.


I'm interfering.

I'm no quitter.

You needed to arrive earlier.

They're eating apples.

If I were more creative, I would try to write music.


High-rises are going up all over the place.


Lucy came to see me three days ago.

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Daniel is making mango juice.


Disease is a threat to human beings.

He couldn't accept a strange woman as his mother.

It takes real nerve to leave without paying!

I received a letter from my mother yesterday.

They've been looking for the plane for eight days, without success.

Please pass me the salt and pepper.

This company has a female CEO.

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Merton didn't have anything to say to Jagath.

I just can't sleep.

Ozan seems to be out of practice.

I'm going to put this in the car.

I started learning Chinese last week.


Rhonda hasn't written to Jinchao in a long time.


He somehow managed to swim across the river.

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It's so easy to write good example sentences, that even if we accidentally delete a few good sentences in the process of getting rid of a whole lot of bad ones, I think we could drastically improve the quality of this corpus by doing a lot of deleting.

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What does that sound like to you?


That's unbelievable.

The doctor told him to give up smoking and drinking.

Writing new year's cards is a Japanese institution.


He was always hungry.


The last leg of our journey will be the most difficult.


What's the difference between an owl and a barn owl?

I saw it first.

Luckily she did not die.

Don't do anything foolish.

Who could possibly believe this?

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The beauty of the music brought tears to her eyes.

I didn't know Donovan was going to go to Harvard.

I've never thought about it.

Just sign this.

I'm used to staying up late.

There are only two days left.

There is nothing to cancel.

I wish that I could speak French better.

I think Daryl is pretty angry.


She caught Dwayne.

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Why don't you be quiet?

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I'll be around all day.


The rock flew through the open window.


Jennie became a professional dancer in his early thirties.


Hi, Kari. Come on in.

How soon can you have the report finished?

It was one of the worst TV Shows of the 1990s.


Why doesn't Bobbie like us?

Jong has been waiting for you.

Her son is a jet pilot.

Eduardo drinks a lot of water.

Our plan is working.

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All this is for my personal use.

Drop the knife!

I left my passport somewhere.

Claudio is too soft to be a good executive.

He was working hard.


This is completely unacceptable.


How many languages are there in Europe?