The driver does not have responsibility for the traffic accident.

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Bring it back to me.


Will it blend?

Can you swim like Randy?

I can't believe he kissed you.

I love to paint and draw.

Malaclypse stole some things from me.

It's very unlikely that we will ever find a solution to this problem.

His debt came to 100 dollars.

What happened to her in Boston?

The boy is standing in the living room.

Thierry is silent.

Learning a foreign language is hard.


The scales of this fish shine with the light.


Miss Ito made her students work hard.

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Baseball is by far the most popular sport in Japan.


Swimming in this lake is not permitted.


Billy's scared.

Now we are seven Arabs.

Prakash works the lunch shift.

We considered the problem from all angles.

Money is heavier than life.

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I had resolved to steal one yen to go see it, but we were poor and there was no way I would find one yen to steal around our house.

You must miss them a lot.

Jan's younger daughter is married.


Mezian is writing a sentence on the whiteboard.


Jennie assured Mat that he'd help her paint the ceiling of her kitchen.


They aren't afraid of death.

Irvin is careless about money.

"Of course I'm ready to die for my ideals," said the president.


Is not there anything you want to tell me?

They went skiing during their date.

That girl looks boyish.


For your sister, she's the shy type.

"I'm in an Armani store buying a suit, of course," Dima replied.

I'm in the band.

Please don't yell at me.

I knew it was Shel's handwriting.

I am disconsolate!

You are the last person I would have expected to see here.

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Tareq and Antonio soon became best friends.

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Of course, I have to tell him.

They fell.

I'm not sure that's going to happen anytime soon.

There are a variety of articles in her purse.

That did happen once.


Take your elbows off the table.

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They look exactly like us.

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Naomi has a combover to his bald patch.

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I am okay.

I have been to Kyoto.

I own a house in Boston.

I didn't even see him.

The sum came to 3,000 yen.

You have to face the facts.

You could come with me if you like.

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I'm really proud of Raja.

Can we play a little longer?

Debbie died on the operating table.


Lyndon was in Hwa's way.


You're impossible to find a gift for, Mick.

I was in terrible pain.

It was a stroke of genius.

Raghu followed Ric through the tunnel.

It's likely to take more than a week to finish doing this.

Do you have something to show me?

I was completely deceived by her story.

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Lukas has to leave in a few minutes.

I appreciate what you've done for me.

I'd like to find out why Howard lied to me.

Dan is a citizen of this country and he will stay here forever.

The police want to talk to me.

I'd jump through hoops for you.

Police officer, I didn't do anything!

If I were a sultan, I'd have three wives!

Edmond and Panos have three adult children.

Is it certain that he will help us?

I just gave blood.


There's only one bottle of red wine left.

Don't do wicked things.

I do not fancy his appearance.


I've suffered enough humiliation lately.

Morton wasn't sure how to respond to Naim's suggestion.

The roads are dirty.


What would be the point?

He tried to swim against the tide.

These two friends are always together.

I might try to do that.

Jean added broccoli to the stew.

We belong here.

I was confused and I felt stupid.


During the press conference, the President touched on foreign relations.


Now, there is a problem.

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The Party won a sweeping victory at the general election.

How much do you weigh?

There's no reason to do that.


Have you ever broken your glasses?

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There was nothing Morgan could do about it.

Most children are playful.

There is no one but loves his own country.

Great! I'll grab my stuff!

I was involved in the quarrel.


I wonder what's taking Sorrel so long.

I can't believe she did that.

Society has seen a lot of change recently.

I had the weirdest dream last night.

When a man opens the door of a car for a woman, either the woman is new, or the car.


All the hopes of the Belarusian people are set exclusively on the first President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, and his son Kolya.

Did Brett crash?

Puppets work with wires.

I think you should think about the future.

Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work.


Your car's on fire.

She likes it when I do that.

I'll eat it here.

Bring the key.

The metaphor of death is a metaphor of violence.

The airplanes climbed very high.

Dan will give Linda the keys Monday.

Lewis is handicapped.

I guess I'm on my own.

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Wait. I will pay for this.

You will wait.

That looked bad.

I'd like to lie down for a few minutes.

I don't plan on retiring yet.

I tried to warn you.

After class is over, our teacher usually sticks around to answer any questions we may have.

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I was swimming in the pool at that time.

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That's what I've always loved about you.


This stuff isn't for you.

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They returned the shirts because they were too small.

Brent doesn't doubt that Ram will arrive on time.

It's a bad time to be impulsive.


Cats hate to get wet.

Can you describe them to me?

Rand didn't get to school in time.

The car had the requisite tail fins that you would expect from that era.

He was admitted to the engineering school.

Where's my daddy?

Gerald is loud.


Junko is a beautiful girl.

Both the brothers are dead.

Merril swallowed the pill.

One of the events was the Battle of New Orleans.

He was ill, so he couldn't come.

I wonder where Vadim went.

They named their dog Lucky.

Piet has done enough already.

I'm sorry, you have the wrong number.

This is what he said.

I miss you guys so much!

Pascal said, "The heart has its reasons that reason does not know."

He grew up in small towns in Texas.


You can't communicate without a basic understanding of certain rules.

I'm married to Lori.

"Whose cows are these?" "They are my grandmother's."