PhD Candidate Ken Zhao: Research on how the seafloor has great implications for sea levels

Ken Zhao, a PhD candidate at AOS, recently had his work on how the seafloor affects melting glaciers posted on the UCLA Physical Sciences website. 


Summer Weather Summary by AOS Meteorologist James Murakami Highlighted

UCLA Newsroom published an article on the summer heat based on a short report posted by AOS Meterologist James Murakami as part of his daily reports.  


AOS Professor Alex Hall was on PBS show "Sustaining California" speaking about how climate change impacts California's wildfires.

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Henry “Hank” Weiss Memorial Climate Education Endowment

I am pleased to share that another gift has come to our department. UCLA music alumna, Suzanne Weiss Morgen ’74, has made a gift for an endowment to the UCLA Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences in memory of her father and meteorology alumnus, Henry “Hank” Weiss ‘47.

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AOS Associate Professor Aradhna Tripati Confirms Study Showing Glaciers on Greenland over 35 Million Years Ago

When AOS Associate Professor Aradhna Tripati first authoried her study suggesting ice had been present in Greenland 35-40 million years ago, it flew against the commonly held belief that glaciers first appeared 5-11 million years.

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