They have lived in this town for ten years.

It was icky.

He did not say a word.

I got caught at a motel having an affair.


Sanjay couldn't come here today because he had something else to do.

The teacher pointed to the blackboard.

All had voted for Aaron Burr.

Have a safe trip to China!

She tried that.


Does your boyfriend like to drink tea?

Look at this one.

The housewives provide their families with necessities.


It is no use trying to deceive me.


The author is seventy but he's no less productive than he was twenty years ago.


Don't lower your eyes.

The neighbouring house was destroyed, but mine survived just a bit of cost for repair.

Will you take the red pill or the blue pill?


Kee said he felt strong.

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Once you do it, you see that it's not as hard as it sounds.

Do you like your teachers?

We didn't help them escape.

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I thought you should see this.

Hey, that's really neat.

Your dream will come true some day.


What's this in aid of?


The waves were tossing me viciously to and fro as I struggled to hold my breath.

This book is so cool.

Why didn't you accept?

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Are you still playing tennis?

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We have a lot of food.

This boat sails through the Strait of Gibraltar.

I'm a centrist.

I'll explain how to take this medicine.

It may save your marriage.

Having said it, Mayu hangs her head in embarrassment.

Gregge accompanied Juha to her parents' house.

Jack brushed the dust off his coat.

Hello there, what's new?

This bolt fits this nut.

Takao should sue them.


We hid behind the tree.

Don't leave your work half finished.

You know you don't have to do this.


Hey, let's go in there.


Vance wants to move into a bigger house.

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Gabriel threw an egg at Mat.

Martyn never listens to me.

I'll look it over later.

I am used to staying up late at night.

I hope you found something in the end.

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Yes, well, that depends.


I need these shoes in size ten please!

How do you manage not to love him?

The whole city was getting a face-lift.


I don't know how Vijay finds the time.

This morning Kaj said his sister was still sick in bed.

Romeo is the man Juliet loves.

It will be very, very hot.

Isabelle and Markus are screaming.

The storm blew down a tree.

Let's put it to a vote.

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It's locked.


Fear often exaggerates danger.

I don't think that's why Siping left.

We can't send him out there.

Living is dear, accordingly we have to economize.

Don't worry about such a silly thing.

I'm sorry, but it's impossible.

Amos said he has to go.

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We're all trying to win.

I think I just heard something.

Craig is calling you.

I don't want to remember.

She decorated her room with bright color.

Not a soul was to be seen on the street.

She never saw him.


It's all you can do for now.

You're making him nervous.

I've never seen such good work.

You can get a car license after you turn eighteen.

The doctor painted Lord's throat with iodine.

Lorraine wondered why he had been invited.

As time goes on, my life gets worse and worse.


His plan struck them as impractical.

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All you have to do is try hard to master English.

I'm no longer surprised by anything.

Roxanne already has one of these.


Mrs Thomas taught us history.

You should eat.

The people suffered under the cruel tyrant.

Brodie is satisfied.

We hear with our ears.

You are really aggressive.

Oh, I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.


Maybe Lenny doesn't need our help.


The scenery of the city reminded me of London.

What does she think of the situation in Paris?

Rusty couldn't make himself heard.

Luigi is a boy who loves studying.

We'll meet him at the gate.


The table in that room is very nice.


I left my card at home.

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They're rich.

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I studied French for three hours last night.


I know people find that odd.

You're way smarter than me.

Trevor knows everything about the latest fashion trends.

The good news is that you're not going to die.

Freedom is precious.

Jane is doing her homework.

Romain was thrilled when he managed to get two complimentary tickets for the grand final.

It's just annoying.

I decided to go away with the pilgrims.


You're a mighty good feller.

The child is sleeping on his stomach.

He must have been home then.

All electronic devices must be checked with the guard.

I prefer to forget the past.

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Do you know what has become of him?

I can only walk about three kilometers at a stretch.

I am sweeping the yard.


I have bought a car.

The conference is going to end today.

Lay down all arms.


Nearly 80 percent of the land is mountains.

I am fed up with it.

Many happy returns to all who bear the name of a flower!

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Ken makes his own bed every morning.

Nigel should definitely ask for Laurel's opinion.

It is bad to hurt others.

For God's sake, what are you up to now?

Paul seems to have a new girlfriend.


I've been walking to work recently.


That's your responsibility.

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I don't have time for a vacation this year.

The problem is that that boy never does what he is told to do.

Music is important to me.

I wanted to make sure you were all right.

I need more examples to understand how the word is used.

Dan reported to the police that his daughter had been abducted and raped.

Sridhar is always getting in trouble.

Mehrdad has finished cleaning out the garage.

Who is the lucky guy?

I think you have my umbrella.

Never argue with a drunk.


I don't fully remember his name.

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The full story was yet to be told.

Let's move.

It's a Spanish book.

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The Diet rose for summer recess.

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He could make his way in life.

I'm sure Paul wouldn't disagree.

Subra has what it takes to succeed.

Will it be fine tomorrow?

The waiter asked me to change tables because that one was reserved.