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A Tommy Shade ® is the most advanced and effective portable sun shade design in the world today. Seeing Tommy’s creation for the first time, people are awestruck at its simple and elegant magical perfection, invoking a sense of wonderment that tickles the imagination down into your soul. To witness a Tommy Shade ® in use is to believe in one. To own one yourself is even better. We are here to protect and enhance your family’s enjoyment of life. ​

Please continue browsing our website to learn more about how the Tommy Shade ® was created and the advantages it offers. You can also find resources on this website, which include directions for use and important copyright information. Feel free to contact us with any further questions or comments you might have. Customer service is number one to us, if you have questions or need assistance, please call 786-286-2921 and talk to Tommy, the inventor of the Tommy Shade ® Yourself or send Email with your phone number to: tommybeach@yahoo.com


Come make history with us, and be part of the world’s first
Tommy Shade ® generation.





For pickup orders at the office location please call to order by phone and make apportionment for pickup. All pickup orders save from paying flat rate fee.


for any inquirers of Tommy Shade ® or email us at tommybeach@yahoo.com