Does anyone have a handkerchief?

When the doorbell rang, Doug closed the book he was reading and got up to see who it was.


Barry seemed really impressed.

The visit to the circus was a big thrill for the children.

That is insane. Only a fool would believe that.

You know this isn't where I want to be.

Why would anybody think that was a good idea?

It's time to leave for school.

They have many questions.

Take a leap of faith.

Miriam appealed for help.

Who is this, please?

It's just not enough.


Why don't you give it to us?


The darkest place is under the candlestick.


Is that your car?

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Joseph came in with a wrench in his hand.

That's about right.

They're teachers.

Where is the station?

I'm sick, so don't talk me about food.

Keep your eyes on Johnny. Make sure he doesn't do anything to bother other people.

It is impolite to elbow one's way through the crowd.

That's all I was thinking.

It took all weekend for us to paint the garage.


Terry has helped me out a lot.

Are you satisfied with your job?

The lung cancer has a dire prognosis.

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She was convinced that Pierre knew more than he wanted to confess.


That is moderately beautiful.

I don't think I want to go there anymore.

We abhor violence.

I have a bad habit of biting my nails.

It's time to leave for school.


I think it's time I moved to a smaller apartment.

She's sitting on the bench.

Both my sisters are teachers.

He wrote a book based on an idea which he borrowed from his wife.

You can't come over tonight.


Darci might not want to go there.

I'm not the least surprised.

He's a university student.

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You can avoid this kind of problem if you bear these tips in mind.

Tollefsen's mother packed his lunch in a paper bag.

As far as I'm concerned, they could do away with Christmas!

I think they're all criminals.

It's all going to work out.

Sit with me.

Edwin looks fatigued.

I thought Thuan would take Randal to the aquarium.

How I wish you were here!

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What time did you go to sleep this morning?

I cutting myself.

Go easy on the pepper.


Stephanie didn't want to disappoint Eliot.

We'll let them worry about that.

We've got to get rid of this stuff.


The sound is coming from over there.


I always cry when I see this picture.


Oh, fine! I'll give it one more go! But that's it!


They all knew her.


Do you like rain?

When the singer appeared on stage, the audience gave him the Bronx cheer, because he dumped his wife for another woman.

It's Sunday today.


Forgive me for asking this.

I don't know what song I should sing.

His political career has ended.

The director wanted the local Asahi reporter to go to the scene of the crime.

As I checked your delivery that I received, I found it included a T-shirt which I did not order.

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His house and mine are adjacent.


He isn't the kind of person who steals.

Go and buy three bottles of coke.

Is the water included in the rent?


You may have made the wrong choice.

I asked you to leave them alone.

The man sitting next to me spoke to me.

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May I visit your office tomorrow morning?


Do you know what the name of last year's beauty pageant winner is?

God must love the rich or he wouldn't divide so much among so few of them.

Lea says he wants to walk home.

I never promised anybody anything.

I stood waiting for a bus.

I was moved by his tears.

He needs a few jokes to lighten up his talk.


Let me tell you what I can offer you.


You sound like someone I used to know.


Let's swim out to the float.

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Andries put the butter back into the refrigerator.


You can't believe anybody.

Ernest drives a black car, doesn't he?

Joni is too tired to talk.

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Let's let Tait try that again.

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Depression is a period marked by slackening of business activity, widespread unemployment, falling prices, and wages, etc.

You don't impress me.

Cats are not human.

The weeks flee like dreams.

And why, pray tell, did you think I would agree to that?

When does your father leave his office?

Pierette needs to know we've got his back.


Come on, don't be a coward!


He easily gets angry.

Sorry that I haven't written in ages.

Toerless submitted a list of topics for possible inclusion on the agenda for the annual general meeting.

Linda paid the bill and left the restaurant.

Where did that come from?


Where is the Red Cross?


I used to be a businessman.


How do you think Sumitro did that?

For the first time in more than 6 years, the unemployment rate is below 6%.

Rodney says he feels sorry for Liber.

I decided to tell her that I love her.

Juri had other work to do.


Hey, I got you a beer.


Who are you afraid of?


Ssi doesn't know who Tharen's father is.

Albert was waiting.

Tell us what happened to Seenu.

The man said yes, but only if I promised.

Success breeds success.

Tuan has what Mickey wants.

Update my software.

Herb isn't doing this to me again.

He is twice as heavy as his wife.


A long time ago, there lived an old king on a small island.


Friendship requires mutual trust.


Where are the other three?

She shouted that she was safe.

It was amazing.

That girl is so beautiful that she attracts even the most self-possessed men.

Good night and sleep tight!


It's your problem now.


This flower is called a lily in English.


Ross did time for armed robbery.

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"UN" stands for "United Nations".

Poets like Milton are rare.

Physicians must confront ageism


Ahmed inherited his farm from his father.

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Real introduced himself to the rest of the class.

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Why does one say "Good day" when the day is not good?


This tea is really sweet.

I don't know much about our foreign policy.

Didn't Ning tell you I was dying?


Hans sold the patent to a company.

Who questioned you?

Why do it the hard way?

Do it quickly!

Please push the Ctrl+Alt+Del key to log on the system.


The Durrani Empire was established in Afghanistan by Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1747.