Police are searching for an erratic driver believed to be involved in a fatal hit and run.

It's doing my head in.


She has a double chin.


Stanley thinks he'll go shopping this afternoon.


We could end up with nothing.

It took Ioana a week to get over her cold.

Where are your sentences?


He looked like a doctor.


Gail went into the conference room.


Mott doesn't know the first thing about programming.


I thought it wasn't appropriate.

Are you really going to let Wolf do that?

All men are pigs (present company excepted).


Just dismiss those thoughts from your mind - they're crazy and not worth thinking about.

It took me about two and a half hours to dig a hole one meter in diameter and two meters in depth.

Judy left this morning without finishing his breakfast.


We live in the neighborhood of the school.

See to it that you keep quiet.

They rent the car by the hour.

I'm such a crybaby.

Is it anything serious?

Ramanan couldn't find a fire extinguisher.

I've been searching for you.

Travelers should finish their journey before dark.

He always comes to show his appreciation during the New Year and holidays.


Take it to the men in Room 318.

It was still dark when Teresa left home for school.

I'm going to see them today.

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Do you think it's a winning case?

Sanjay said Suresh was sleeping.

He is a man of the world.


I might vote for her.

He broke the window on purpose.

I like Chris's plan better than Tarmi's.

She handed me a postcard.

I'd like to live in that house.

Juliane cooks for us every day.

One can't play baseball here.

She shared everything with her sister.

I think I can really trust you.

Let's hope that we get there on time.

You don't seem too happy.

There's been a mix-up.

You're a pushover.

Rajarshi is now talking to Jef on the phone.

File a police report!


This room is noisy. The sound bounces right off the walls.

They will kill me.

I feel the same way.

Mireille Mathieu is one of France's best singers.

Both sisters are very beautiful.

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I left earlier than my sister.


Wouldn't that be fun?

Harold overheard us.

It's heavy, but I can manage it.

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And the more we participate in our yearly congresses, the more we associate, and the more the principles of the Green Ensign will penetrate our souls.

Sumitro's very dangerous.

It was yesterday that Matthieu broke the window.

I'm ready to do it.

I'm sorry, I can't help.


I see they've put you to work.


I went shopping at the new convenience store that opened in the neighborhood and received a free gift of bread.

The witch turned her boyfriend into a frog.

This is private property.

I'm with exactly who I want to be with.

Follow the stars.


I do remember that.

I think it's perfect.

Geoffrey is short and fat.

I'm angry because of their impolite attitude.

I cannot look at you when I speak to you.

Sharon said it wasn't necessary.

They talk too much.

Everyone was okay.

Ah, me!

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes.

We should call Sheila and see if he needs any help.

I don't have to tell you squat.

He gave away all his money.

He's being threatened by a certain gangster.

He runs the business with his sons.

If you're not going to eat those, can I?

I want to use these.

Winnie wasn't sure what to feel when Emma compared her breasts to twin stoats with pointed noses. Although that must have been meant as a compliment, it was certainly a very peculiar one at that.

I really didn't like that.

Luc didn't say how he was planning to get there.

Francisco will leave in a few days.

Her house is just opposite the bus stop.

The gang met up at the city dump.

Jock really made me feel at home.

Should I get a doctor?


When the bell rang, the audience took their seats.

Can you tell us more about it?

We don't want any trouble.

On a certain monday afternoon, a single horse carriage stopped in front of the hotel where I was staying.

He has a background in business.

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I don't like being around poor people.

Liyuan is asleep.

I don't know how I should do it.

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Thierry doesn't think Roman should do that.

Hartmann put his valuables in a safe.

As the days passed by, we began to understand what kind of problem we had got into.


Glen cheated on the history exam.

I'm afraid I have to go now.

Though young, he is an able man.

Seth is the man for the job.

The players sat in the locker room while they listened to their coach speak.

It is very difficult for anybody to be objective about his own character.

Next time, I'll drive.

I have to pick up my son at 2:30.

They made me wait for a long time.

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Hands off my flowers!

Crocodiles do not hibernate but estivate within caves during the dry season.

Thanks for not telling Fletcher what happened.

The bus went past the bus stop.

The desk seems small in this room.

Hector stopped moving.

Who would've thought?

I suddenly realized that everything in my life was not an accident.

Norbert has three friends who are Canadian.

Why do you like us?

Seth doesn't know the system.


Laurent doesn't understand British humour.


Kevin looks distressed.

I want to learn to swim.

Why don't you join in the conversation?


I always leave the window open while I sleep.


The parents are responsible for the education of their children.

Don't let them forget me.

Teriann got married when he was just eighteen years old.


When do you have to leave?

Why do you lie for them?

Women in Africa have shorter and curlier hair.


I saw a soldier carrying a flamethrower.

The danger is that Hebrew will be spoken in the bazaar, but English in the universities.

I'll write to her.


A picture of the fugitive was plastered all over the newspapers.


I'm working here.

Let's get everything fixed here and now.

Carisa actually likes me.

This book is abridged from the original.

Truly you are the flower of my life.

I could hear the sound of children playing outside my window.

I wasn't too hungry.


She was friends with both Stephen and Janice.

I'm ambitious.

Monty is lost, but is unwilling to admit it.

It seems like this time it's for good.

We had a lot of rain last month.


Doing that wouldn't make things any better.

Get on in here.

That made them uncomfortable.

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Even the tail of the parrot makes others envious.

Kenn never used to smoke, but he does now.

You're definitely not on the list.


Do you have a license to sell liquor?


There is no use talking to her.


We haven't yet done everything we need to do.

Aimee looked like he was going to start crying again.

I've always thought that a heart attack was nature's way of telling you that it was time to die.

The checks are paper.

What's your favorite part of the day?