Oh, yes, I remember.

I think you've told me all I need to know.

Look at the blackboard, everyone.


The missile attack took a heavy toll of lives.

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Soohong went back into his room.


Did you get my gift?

I asked for one.

It won't be long before he is up and about.

I've never read a novel in French.

Where is the Japan Airlines counter?

Lojban has incorporated a detailed grammar for mathematical expressions. This grammar parallels the predicate grammar of the non-mathematical language.

They didn't win, did they?

Take an umbrella. It's likely to rain.

It did not come off.

It's very drafty in here.

We're not going to give up.


He sent fruit and vegetables to his daughter.

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I'm related to them.

Everyone's having a great time.

Ellie is very feminine.

Dan is a linguist.

That sandwich really does smell good.

I want you to know that.

I'm beginning to regret making that suggestion.


The British government is against the plan.

He feels no reluctance in acknowledging errors.

Marc found himself alone again.


You'll have to leave.

Pedro is obsessed with power and money.

Prepositions are not like other words. The separable prefixes of German seem strange at first. Later they seem like a great idea.

You never mentioned that part.

I'll call her tomorrow.

You are irresistible.

It is a terrible atmosphere.

Whatever you do, do it as well as you can.

In some cases, emeralds can be worth more than diamonds.

Tell No that I'm hungry.

Haven't you two already talked?


You can't be serious?

The king ruled the country for years.

His dad won't come, he is very busy.

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I don't speak French, but I can understand it a bit.

I am not nice, I am merciful.

What he says is of no importance to me.


Michelle is handsome and charismatic.

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I always eat lunch at two.

It's fun and healthy.

What do you think Jacques wanted?

It's not a disease.

We're late because of you.


I always get nervous in her presence.

Of course I remember the news quite well.

They still have the nerve to talk.

Novorolsky heard his name being called.

My education has made me what I am.


Choose three books at random.

Her mother does aerobics once a week.

Did you take notes?

He motioned for me to follow him.

Myron freaks me out.

She couldn't do with his rude behavior.

They would not let him write anything.

They're smiling at each other.

I didn't think I should drive.

I resent your cynical remarks.

You won't be ready.

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We can't afford that.


He never fails to keep his word with his friends.

He was destined never to meet her again.

He did nothing wrong; all the same he was severely punished.

I'm cooperative.

They borrowed a book from me.

Do you want us to leave?

Ramneek is better than I am.

Jayesh didn't get his driver's license until he was twenty-four.

I'm tired of just sitting here and doing nothing.

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The picture was priced at 200,000 yen.

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It is important for me.


I was being selfish.

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Sean doesn't know who he can trust any more.

A password is needed.

That gesture is offensive.

I can't think about this right now.

We beat three teams.

Donald decided to go.

The distance from my home to yours is two kilometers.

They tried to rob me.

No item in this shop costs more than one real.

I'm doing what I want to do.

My favorite music is pop music.

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The old man laughed sadly.


His name was Hitoshi.


Ralph said Valeria was hungry.

Thad and Pilot aren't the only two who don't understand.

Do you think about him a lot?

I will have to wait till I finish schooling and start earning money.

He was quick to criticize others.

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Who do you guys work for?

That church stands on a hill.

Hotta couldn't contain himself any longer.

An artist is a sheep that strays from the flock.

Would you mind if we discussed this later?

We solved the problem by mutual concessions.

The journey greatly added to his store of knowledge.

I'm no different than you are in that respect.

Is that what you're going to do?

Let's help these guys.

Jwahar gave Lana an icy look.


Since when is your skin jaundiced?

Do you know how much of a loss we suffered?

I am as tall as he.

I availed myself of this favorable opportunity.

It really is an inconvenience.

You're too insistent.

I can't put up with that loud noise.

I have been living here for many years.

Do you have anything to do today?

A language is considered dead when the number of native speakers falls to less than 10.

This painting is worth a great deal of money.


You've bitten off more than you can chew.

Ken has a guitar.

Bank lending is rising because of lower interest rates.


It has been a very nice week.


I made an extra sandwich for you.


Not a few foreigners like Japanese food.

Shari never was neat.

Vincenzo should be at school.


We had to help her.

Instead of complaining, maybe Malloy should just help us do it correctly.

He's kicked out.


Our team can easily beat your team in the first game.

I am having a shower.

If you realize you've done something wrong, then you should have a conscience and fix it as much as possible.

"Let me hug you." "I'd like that a lot."

"What does Phoebus mean?" "It's a Latin word that means sun."


I'm going to watch the baseball game on TV.

In order to overcome the data gap, I developed a simple methodology.

I was taking a walk.

It's fine today.

Wolf is direct, isn't he?

I thought Edwin would never get here.

I figured something like this was going to happen.

I guess our job is not to let that happen.

Your car exceeded the speed limit.

Don't you tell me what to do.

He told me he was incredibly rich and owned a Ferrari, but I saw through him at once.

There were few students left in the classroom.

Matthias doesn't shave.

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Your son is almost the copy of your father.

He is as great a scholar as ever lived.

The meeting is held once in three years.

Once is not enough.

The desk that Ken uses is old.

I want you all to stay with me.

That takes skill.

The sisters hate each other.

Saul is a better cook than I am.

Children should be kept away from the pond.

Hands up!


Stop beating around the bush and tell us what you really think.

The insurance covers everything here.

The Red Cross dispensed food and medical supplies to the victims.

I'm not embarrassed.

Get the meaning of a word from its context.

There are many stores in this area.

I guess that the beautiful girl will say goodbye to the shy young man.