Ah! If I were rich, I'd buy myself a house in Spain.

He isn't coming today.

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I just need her for a minute.

The boss praised you for your good work.

You don't get to decide that.

If it snows tomorrow, I will build a snowman.

What is the departure time?

He never keeps his word.

You were so sweet.

To tear away from his dream world and, doing the daily needful, to step into reality was for Dalton increasingly painful.

Daniele was an agreeable girl.

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I can't speak Spanish but even so, I was able to make myself understood when I went to Malaga last year.


Iran is the eighteenth largest country in the world.

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Use your other hand, too.

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Siping paused.

His most important adviser was Henry Kissinger.

This is not fun.

We haven't done that in a while.

Could you show me what you're serving?

Linda was very different from any woman Dan had met before.

I want to know what's going on.

Hamilton is always quoting some famous person.

We've wasted enough time.


I wonder how Carisa was able to fool everybody for so long.

I not only gave him some advice, I also gave him a fellatio.

He was too drunk to drive home.

I will tell you when you visit.

"You going to Pat's party?" "I don't know yet."


That's very handy.

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I went to that party by myself.

Dominic wondered what Bart's last name was.

Emma doesn't understand what you want him to do.

Thanks for your explanation.

He'd prefer not to eat that.

You are as guilty as he is.

The tulips are in bloom in the flower bed.

We're getting out of here. The storm is coming.

We need to buy them presents.


I'm sure I can speak French well enough to get by.

I'm still lonely sometimes.

Dion does all the cooking in our house.


Did you keep a pet in Germany?

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Who wrote this on me?

Our equipment was destroyed.

Children usually have faith in their parents.


This bridge won't last long.

You didn't have to accept such an unfair proposal.

Let me talk with her.


There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.

From the moment that the fortress ran out of supplies, its defenders had to surrender.

Over-cooked fish can be too dry and tasteless.

Morning, Haruki. You've got bed hair.

Root is doing well in his lessons at school.


It's so bad, it's good.

Imogen of the Internet, in spite of her American nationality, opened a Mixi account just to show off her ironic purikura album.

His hair was cut short and he was clean-shaven.

Is Himawan still sleeping?

Why are you leaving so soon?

I heard her speaking English fluently, like an American.

Brooke said he needed some time to work things out.

You said it was beef. However, I think it's pork.

How do you usually handle a situation like this?

People don't want to die.

I don't think that Dieter will want to go with us.

Jin doesn't know what he's supposed to do.

I'm the one who saved Malcolm.

We talked about this yesterday.

Do you know if Grace is at home?

I was not aware of the danger until they warned me.

We don't want to lose you.

I could hear Honzo and Trent talking.

Let's ask Sarah what he thinks.

A fallen tree obstructed the road.

My brother and I share the same room.

Our life depends largely on oil imported from other countries.

I got a useful piece of information out of him.

Are you getting a divorce?

I'll go see.

He has absolutely no respect for other people's feelings.

What types of ground transportation are available in Denver?

I spoke with her for one hour.

I painted one.

This room is capable of holding fifty persons.

It's unlikely that that movie will make a lot of money.


Radek is scared to tell the truth.

We all felt sorry for you.

You should put your belt on.

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Garfield won 214 electoral votes.

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John didn't know Tupi is spoken in Brazil.

She is always playing favorites with a few students but very strict with everyone else.

Let's talk to Hartmann.

I'm not really concerned.

Merton is a very effective speaker.

She might have seen it.

It's hard to imagine.


Toufic was playing chess last night.

The last three weeks have been really hard for me.

I am crazy about you.

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We deal here with Emmet's 'dyad' style first presented in his experimental works in the late sixties.

I ate the whole bag of potato chips by myself.

Let me explain it once more.

You should be able to get one of those for next to nothing.

Beer consists of 90% water.

I am really sorry.

Brandy and Jacobson want you there, too.

What's your profession?

This is most unfortunate.


If I were a bird, I would fly to you.

I'm contemplating divorce.

I asked Mother to wake me up at four.

This book is written in easy French.

During the Soviet Union, there were two big newspapers - "Pravda" and "Izvestiia."


Are you really going on the date with Ramesh?

I don't think you heard me.

Is that too much to ask?


I meant the opposite.

The water comes straight from the glacier.

Are you really letting Ning into your home?

It will be snowing when we arrive at Shiga Heights.

You're going to get yourself shot.

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I beg you to let me live.

Gerard was lonely.

"What is your religion? Christianity? Judaism? Buddhism? Or are you an atheist" "No, I'm a humorist!"

Art wouldn't give up.

I didn't do anything illegal.


It's somebody else's turn.


Most people have to work for their livelihood.

We must look to the government for a tax cut.

Tricia and Sorrel hung out together.

That seems like a lot.

When do you think it'll be done?

What proof is there?

Everyone here wants to lose weight.

Janet was one of the first people to arrive.

You know what? You should at least think about it.

When Shankar stopped for a stop sign, his engine stalled.

He achieved his purpose.

I'm finished.

I don't recognize over half of these names.

I love to write music.

I've got a good understanding of Islam, but I know little about the Hindu religion and its culture.

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I'd never do that for her.

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Stanislaw left his phone in his car.

I get dizzy when I stand up.

As I told you before, I don't plan to be at this afternoon's meeting.

You asked Granville to play the guitar.

Stop calling me that!

"Hrmm," mumbled Professor Takeda as he twisted his moustache.

He works in the automobile industry.


Tell me who I have to talk to.

I've no idea.

His mother has been running a drugstore for fifteen years.

When are we going to do it?

I think Sue is too old for me.

They didn't neglect their own duty.

He's proud of being good at mathematics.


Hopefully this Punch & Judy show is nearly over.

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The patient is now safe.

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Yes, tomorrow is my day off.

Should I bring Shutoku with me?

Was I making too much noise?

The only person here that Nancy knows is Paola.

I'll show you to your room.

I didn't know Nigel was famous when we started dating.

I need you to explain something to me.

I am glad to accept your invitation.

A crowd of soldiers waited at Lee's headquarters.

I'm going for a walk.

As I was waking up, I saw a burglar in my room.