The door was broken open.

Raanan did the dishes for Albert.

He introduced me to his parents.

May I cuddle you?

I won't be easy to beat.

I have studied Italian for a few months.

I took her arm.

To what degree can we trust him?

Monica didn't want to cry.

It's about time you sent the children to bed.

Laika died when Sputnik 2 burned out in the atmosphere.

My wife is possessed with the desire to buy a house.

At present, consensus has yet to be reached.


Hwa opened a cardboard box marked "living room stuff."


I'm reasonably certain of it.

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Dan spied Matt making love to Linda.

Marci is behind this.

After skiing, relaxing in a hot spring bath, one can get fully warmed up.

I dreamt that Congress effected sensible tax reform to improve the lot of the working class. I then woke up in a gutter with nothing but ragged clothes and a stolen guitar to my name.

The awkward moment when your neighbour sees you break his fence.


Can I talk to Ravindranath alone?

I'm friendly with Gordon.

I love cats so much. They just drive me nuts.

You put all our lives at stake back then!

Send it by mail.


Gil isn't dressed yet.

Ramudu came to school.

His true colors are coming out.

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I think that the second part of your comment would make a great example sentence.

We should do it.

Anton has done so much.

I'd say you did well.

We're happy that we're able to flee to the large awning, shielding ourselves from the rays of the harsh sun.

Is this what Sofia wanted?

What's the worst thing you've ever done?

I've got to see them.

It's incredible that your mother speaks six languages!

You can hear the sound of the ocean.

Our thinking is flexible.

We will deliver the products within 30 days after the date of Purchase Order.

We soon agreed on a rent for the apartment.

The city hall is in the center of the city.

I came here to see if there was something I could do to help, but there doesn't seem to be anything for me to do.

I finished one.

Japanese cultured pearls have come to monopolise as much as 60% of the world pearl market.

I wish I'd bought that bicycle.

Have you ever given money to a beggar?

Give a shout if you see anything.

We left Africa forever.


Ethan put a cup of coffee in front of Doug.

I want to improve my German.

You'd better consult the doctor.

What's your favorite snack?

You should've heard the family's reaction when I told them the good news.

It is very hard, and sometimes very dangerous, to be an astronaut.

Hang in there, guys.

He retired from office.

I'm glad we got that straightened out.

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After hours of walking, they stopped to pray in a church.

Come on, how often do you think a fictitious character needs to change clothes?

Michelle spends most of his money on food.

Yesterday I became a god, but found that a bit boring, so today I became a devil.

The doctor advised him to abstain from drinking.

Can you tell what I need to do?

I was surprised at the news of his death.

I agree with most people here.

For quantities of 20 or more, we can allow you a special discount of 10% on the prices quoted.

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Claude wanted to tell the truth.

I go to the city to buy bread.

There is no denying the fact that smoking is harmful.

I can't leave until Jonathan gets here.

Please bring your own eating utensils.

Far from being but the object of their ambiguous relation, Gregg was the subject of all Irfan's attention.

Her cheeks began to glow at his compliments.

He knows how to tell lies.

Archie is always sleeping in class. It almost seems like he goes to school just to catch up on his sleep.

I don't like modern jazz.

The enemy's forces outnumber us ten to one.


I've gotten wary of the gleam in your eye that shows when you've developed a new obsession.

I understand how to solve the problem.

I'm not nervous around Belinda.

As he entered the hall, two men approached him.

You have no reason to be worried.

Does English have grammatical rules?

Lou and Socorrito know each other, but they're not exactly friends.


They were satisfied with the meals.

Meg colored the picture.

Stop complaining and obey!

I told you everything I knew.

This is difficult to do.

You built it, didn't you?

Don't you see him?

A sound mind in a sound body.

Do you think Dominic is going to do it?

You are in my thoughts at all times.

I don't think that'll be possible at all.


I need to stretch my legs.

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The heavy door swung open.

Joshua is a coward.

Can I sleep here?

The dollar dropped to 125 today from 126 yen yesterday.

It was a dark night.

My father bought this hat for me.

The gang agreed to release Pratt for a ransom of $100,000.

I love you the way you are.

We have put the Christmas presents under the tree.

I have a yellow dream.

I told you to do it.

Losing a battle doesn't mean losing the war!

You didn't finish filling out this form.

Pharamp wants Trang all for herself.

The truth will come out.

What a nice house!

Her dad won't come, he is very busy.

Well, let's make it some other time.

He doesn't know how to play golf.

He gave me a promise to come here at five.

Reiner said he wouldn't wait for us.

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Antonio told me to cook it for thirty minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very happy to be here.

She is going to France next week.


"Are you friends with Axel?" "Yes, he's my roommate."

An hour's walk brought me to the next village.

I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask.

Two is a couple, three is a crowd.

I answered yes.

She appears to have many friends.

Why should I give Elias money?

Phill's father was very well-off.

It looks like Sanity will be staying for a while.

In the future, many workers will be replaced by robots.

Need we bring our dictionaries to class tomorrow?

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He asked Nancy if she was free the next day.

George began to climb all unawares.

I like summer best.

It can't be removed. It's fixed.

I thought Helen might stop by this afternoon.

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We don't want to die.


I just wish it were easier to do.

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Due to her boss's aggressive homophobia, Sara was too intimidated to bring her girlfriend to the office party.

I don't want you to tell him.

Jorge gets off work at five.

I'll do as you wish.

Please let me off on this side of that traffic light.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Leave it to me; I will to it.


Russell left his hat in the car.

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The bathroom is next to your room.


No one threatened Tricia.

I have to wear earplugs to drown out all the noise from the construction site next door.

Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is not included in the CD you bought.

Pia wasn't the only student who was absent.

Up with your hands.

I let Alain kiss me.

Eddy can hear Sugih very well.

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I have the French nationality, but I'm from Vietnam.


I didn't tell her that.

I bought a tie for Dan and I'll buy a scarf for Elena.

Many students have a car of their own nowadays.

Never open the door of a car that is in motion.

I'm more in love with you.

I need 100 shekels.

I left him in charge.

I guess I need to start studying harder.

I want you to leave her alone.

Are you going to carry on your work until ten?

You've heard about it, haven't you?


He cares a lot about his reputation.

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He is still green in business.

"Can I get a Coke?" "Is Pepsi alright?"

He gripped the tennis racket tightly.

I'd like to send a registered letter.

It really is sad.