This will be thirty Euros.

We want the same thing you want.

Bryan certainly is qualified for the job.


I don't have to answer to anyone.

She tends to be late for school.

I'm a married man.

Merril doesn't know what that is.

Political questions are far too serious to be left to the politicians.

What a selfish woman!

After the accident, he never could move his leg again.


Sabrina can't get enough of it.

I know what love is.

I met her late in the evening.

They love to climb mountains.

They're correct.

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The man was handed over to the police.

Listen to me, my ball, my ball. Be quick and change me into a brook, and my lover into a little fish.

Van was suddenly overcome by fear.

It's not what you're thinking.

Mr Mitchel demanded that I pay the rest of the money by the end of the week.

The railroad workers are going on strike tomorrow.

Does Marla believe in magic?

Could you move over a little?

I believe in doing the right thing.


Are you jealous of him?

All his endeavors ended in failure.

I never bothered to find out who did that.

How do you know this isn't a fake?

It is nice of you mentioning that.

I wanted to clear that up with you.

Why did you do this?

She tried not to cry.

I think that Irish is not a difficult language.

I'll allow it.

The child had no overcoat on although it was very cold.

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In Viking times Greenland was greener than today.

A bumblebee flew out the window.

No, but they might have them at our other store.

Loukas never fooled me.

I thought it was about time we all met.

I don't have time for this nonsense.

Do I need any more crazy people?


I don't speak Bosnian.

Alison took a long drink from the glass of water.

I accept the challenge!

Read such books as will be useful some day.

The problem is complicated by his personality.

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I agree with your opinion.

You really should've told Dannie not to come.

Uh..., where's the post office?

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Wilson told Dylan he wanted to move to Boston.

I wanted to know the truth.

Why don't you go inside?

It's important to try and strike a balance between home, work and personal interests, so that no one aspect dominates our life.

He became bad-tempered, continually criticized his wife's cooking and complained of a pain in his stomach.

"Getting a foot on the property ladder" is a popular way to describe buying your first home.

It is not so difficult to appreciate good music.


The earthquake in Hokkaido caused extensive damage.

Which one is better: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10?

Srivatsan caught some bugs and put them in a jar. He then punched a hole in the lid of the jar so that the bugs could breathe.

We need this.

With the help of a reference grammar of the Georgian language, Laura was eventually able to puzzle out even the few non-international traffic signs outside the two cities of Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

He is what is called a walking encyclopedia.

I think Alexis is too aggressive.


Delete that picture.

You just have to relax, OK?

By the way, where does he live?

Jane is not so tall as Vick.

I can't stand that noise.

Sometimes we do what we have to do, not what we want to do.

When did you begin learning English?

Love, which is a wonderful feeling, comes to everyone at some time in their life.

I'm by no means angry with you.

We got here first.

I have always considered you a good friend.

I went to Kennedy Airport to see my friend off.

My mother was very pretty when she was young.

I thought that was kind of weird.

Investigators understood why the jet crashed.

Matthias called me a taxi.

I'll demonstrate it for you.

Your problem is you believe everything Charlene says.

Don't ask Sergio any questions about his job.


That can't be.

Chris didn't have a car to drive.

This table is full of woodworm.


My brother lied to me.


There are many things which we cannot evaluate in terms of money.

You aren't living here.

The plane was coated with dust.

Dorothy took his gloves off.

I'm really bored right now.

Pay attention to what I say.

The note was from them.


Accuracy and finish will become more important than high rates of metal removal for 95 percent of all machining operations.

I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it.

That should be no problem.


It seems that he is a promising youth.

Is this your first time in Korea?

Calvin knows a lot about science.

You were a kid once, right?

It's difficult to eliminate cheating.


My cat loves catnip.

Real had work to do.

I am free tonight.

Gale beat Stanislaw to within an inch of her life.

Public opinion plays a vital in the political realm.

An aviary is a large enclosure for birds, often containing shrubbery and other plants to simulate their natural habitat.

Get up as early as you possibly can.

Ralf poured some apple juice into a glass.

They earn enough money in one week to buy a house.

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I cried myself to sleep almost every night.

Do you have something you'd like to say?

We are traveling on a tight budget.


I specialize in medieval history.

This medicine is still not sold in pharmacies.

I thought you'd be happy to see me.


Did Mike stop drinking alcoholic drinks?

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This is a small village.

We've lost 3 to 0.

I can't explain what I don't understand.

Arnold dropped Kristi at day care.

I wonder how it would feel like to be a woman.

Drink, so you won't get dehydrated.

The show was exciting.

If it's not too much trouble, I would like some help.

It's normal to feel nervous when you don't know what to expect.


I feel that something is going to happen really soon.

Saiid seldom drinks coffee.

It is possible to talk for a long time without saying anything.

When every sad tone reminds me of you.

With your help, I could succeed.


Hold down the Ctrl-key and click + to zoom in or - to zoom out.

He signed the check.

You will soon get to like her.

What's the minimum salary in Morocco?

I keep in touch with Craig.


We won't be able to get to the bank before it closes.

Once divorced from key questions of national culture and identity, comparative literature loses its way.

He rarely goes to church.

You must be careful with the wine glass.

Do you already know whether you will go to the beach afterwards, and, if yes, when?

Somebody knows that.

I think I know how to keep it from happening again.

Andrea sang better than usual tonight.

I'm happy it all worked out.


I want to buy my bike back.


I don't quite know yet.

Organic vegetables are popular because they're safe and tasty.

Somebody knows that.

She loves me. But I do not love her.

It's becoming too dangerous.

Naomi fell in the orchestra pit during her performance and broke her arm.

It's a stupid system.


He's gonna have to throw himself on the mercy of the court.

I know I look like a gift box in this costume.

Patricio is only a child.


It's rumored that the conference will be postponed.

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Lori was unmarried.

I've never actually been there, but I know where you're talking about.

I wish that I had stuck around long enough to meet your parents.

Don't be absurd.

He had to withdraw.


Joni is spreading butter on the bread.


Cut the cloth in a diagonal direction.


It's not yet over.

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Stephen will be here in a few hours.