He is not a smoker.

Ken's dog is very fat.

There's time.

Toby plans to stay in Boston for three weeks.

Look at all that money.

"Look! A red and white mushroom! It looks so tasty!" "No, don't eat it. It's poisonous."

Is that going to be OK?

Oskar asked Pia to stay, but she didn't want to.

Where can I take a tour of the city?

Earthquakes can occur at any hour.


Do you like Bryan Adams?

That is the plan.

I needed to talk to them.

At what time did you hear the gunshot?

Blaine is a bit confused.

I was surprised by what I learned.

You're drinking out of my cup.


I really don't need help.


Valentin often drinks a little wine after dinner.


We have an English class today.


The fisherman's story is fishy.

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It makes me very happy.


I'd like to see you, please.

The users of Tatoeba don't want Jochen to die.

Leora is unable to work this week.

The government lowered taxes for lower-income families.

Thank you for the present.

I know I have it, but I can't put my finger on it.

Dori and Rajarshi accomplished their mission without any difficulty.


Billy thought you were drunk.

Change the flag.

Kayvan has been stealing from us.


We don't have as much money as we thought.

The telephone is out of order, Mr. Tamori.

Something was wrong with him.

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Will I write a book in Polish?

Don't you know that you are the laughingstock of the whole town?

Ahmed carried both suitcases.


I asked Adil, and it looks like Teacher Erkin has retired.


Raghu was irked.


He died in 1980, by which time his son had left school.

That'll last.

Can you help her out before they catch her?

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She's not pregnant.

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The soup is a bit too salty.

Many people hire accountants to help them with their tax returns.

Pradeep asked Izumi to be home by six-thirty.

He's a man of his word.

Now, let's play some baseball.


Bill seems to be rich.

Maria decided to never come back to see him again.

When it is darkest, men see the stars.

Those is outspoken and smart.

Vince was drunk and obnoxious at the party and started a brawl.

Nicolas hasn't shown up here yet.

Mariah's father was an African-Venezuelan.

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Elephants drink water.

I can't speak English, much less German.

Please tell me a ghost story.

Why are you out here?

The meeting will take place tomorrow.


I want a blanket.

The ceremony was very impressive.

I've eaten enough for now.

It certainly has been fun.

They say to err is human.

Dan found out more about Linda's past.

Besides lending books, libraries offer various other services.

We must cook his goose before he can do any more harm.

I watched Marnix die.


You shouldn't have your eyes bigger than your belly.

What's the difference between a hedgehog and a porcupine?

Not everyone in town likes them.

I really feel hurt.

It is not possible to record in this media.


You aren't thinking straight.


Have you any fever?

Compared to a computer, a word processor has a single purpose.

It's really good.

We're trying as hard as we can.

We are to take in five guests tomorrow evening.

Japanese children watch television more than English children.

Uri made me a nice dinner.

This is a present from all of us.

There are times in everyone's life when you want to live alone.

The girl insisted on being taken to the zoo.

The child got angry and struck at his mother.

He knows well how to use a computer.

I didn't need your help.


Is this the bus for Park Ridge?

They look up to him as their leader.

Holmes and Watson, why do your problems interest me?


We need many other things.

What you said made us angry.

This is a plan of my own devising.

This door won't shut.

He acknowledged it to be true.

Morris takes very good care of his car.

What kind of software does Connie usually use?

I don't know what happened to you.

We didn't agree to anything!

Nils wrote a short story about a young girl and her dog.

Her clarinet squeaked, and the entire audience laughed.

Your upper back is really tight.

How many e-mails do you write every day?

Life is full of ambiguity.

What will become of us if a war breaks out?

We've made a deal.

I sat up all last night reading a novel.

I do think this is understandable.

I just want clarification.

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What's your favorite winter sport?

What's the one thing you would have done differently?

I don't trust Terry.

I'm really excited for Lorien.

It's right here.


Have you ever read the New Testament?

He intends to bring out a new monthly magazine.

I hope everything's going well with you.

I had half a grapefruit for breakfast.

Helen is seventeen years old.

Billy had his hair cut short.

Can we meet tomorrow?

Why is open source such a sausage fest?

Newspaper stands are scattered here and there throughout the city.

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You've lost your umbrella.

The monkey, having thrown coconuts at all of the animals as a means of amusement, could not understand why he was suddenly being chased out of the jungle.

I just want him to love me.

Jamaican people use a creole version of English.

You can keep this dictionary if necessary.

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No one knew Sandy was there.

We don't have a moment to spare.

Could I be going soft in the head? I forget things so easily these days.


If the demolition of buildings gets out of control, the city is faced with the risk of turning into a pile of concrete.

Brodie lives in Australia.

If I were my father, I would have chosen Australia for immigration, as the climate there Greeks prefer, as much as I do.

Evan wrung out the towel.

Let's hope it's enough.

You're lucky nobody saw you do that.

I threw it away.

Loukas was half expecting this.

Is that what you're suggesting?


The fire was put out immediately.

That's what I'm so proud of.

I just want to help her.

I actually thought it might be impossible.

I'm supposed to go to Boston the week after next.

"Are my eyes really telling me the truth?" answered the old man, rubbing his eyes. "Are you really my own dear Pinocchio?"

My father has been living in Nagoya for 30 years.

I know you're holding out on me.

Mats tried to stab me.


The child next door has to attend three different extra classes every month.

The goods are advertised on TV.

It's Herve who deserves credit.

But the reason I came baptizing with water was that he might be revealed to Israel.

Cristi was the victim of a pickpocket.

He's a bit of a drunkard.

Neither the lexicon nor the pattern-book of English is closed.

He is said to still be in Paris.

He has bought something for Rik.

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I don't have any free time today.


Simon should have married Charleen.

Kent has to sign his name on this document.

Love is wonderful and beautiful.

Galen is in for quite a surprise.

He is a handsome young man.

Milo pushed me into the lockers.

Julius has had the same boyfriend since she was eighteen.