If you don't mind.

This dog doesn't bite.

Do you happen to know where Rolf lives?

Ill weeds are sure to thrive.

The tower can be seen from here.

I'm trying to do that right now.

Did you lock up the house before we left?

Stay for a while.


Lindsay enjoyed working for Hillary.

Jiro wants to drink Coke.

It's been a long time since I visited my grandmother.

Cynthia returned fire.

I've never been to Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney.

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Many years have passed since then.


No one supported me.

What types of ground transportation are available in Denver?

I know you have reason to doubt me.

I watch PBS.

You must see that the cakes do not burn.

Maybe you should study harder next time.

She received a parcel.

Rusty appreciates it when Spike comes to visit him in the hospital.

Gilles is currently working on that problem.

You could lose everything if you're not careful.

Juri wasn't interested in doing anything.

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Squad Leader Justin, a blip's appeared on the hyperspace radar!

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These pajamas absorb sweat well.

I don't think she cares.

In that case, let's go.

Dan wanted to talk to the police again.

The tomato is a vegetable, not a fruit.

I hope you and Malaclypse will like it here.

They paid a high compliment to the speaker.

The last hope fled from his mind.

He was the talk of the town.

She turned down all of her suitors.

This time it seems as if he is telling the truth.

Lowell walked off the stage.

His new theory is beyond my apprehension.

Let's get some ice cream.

They were angry at his not coming to the meeting.

What was the name of that movie?

A bad wife turns her husband into a shipwreck.

I have no more ideas.

Andreas is making sense for a change.


Yesterday night, I shared a cab with Paris Hilton.

Elephants were killed for their ivory.

May God bless the Americans we lost this morning. May He comfort their families. May God continue to watch over this country that we love.

I am too tired to climb.

I think Lorraine really loves Israel.

Will Hillary Clinton be the next president of the United States?

Rod took the habit of running every morning.


I don't think that there's enough room in the canoe for all three of us.

When he was leaving, he told me that he would come again by the 25th.

This is the first time I've ever felt dizzy in a car.

Don't let the kids watch this film.

Our army attacked the kingdom.

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Shinji ate nine coconuts.

Note that German nouns are always written with a capital letter.

Jacques has been teaching us French for the past four years.

I hate peanut butter.

We found the thing we were looking for.


Josip is both a doctor and a writer.

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Fear instead of sleep stands near, that I close not my eyes.

Lin is learning JavaScript.

I'd like to say goodbye.


She visited me regularly.

Siegurd is not much older than Stacy's daughter.

They all objected to his proposal.


The new trendy way to drink vodka is to pour it directly into your eye socket. However, doing so could seriously damage your vision.

He's always on time for her appointments.

I'm getting kind of hungry.

I have plenty of things to eat in the pantry.

A lot of treasure was brought over to this country.

The wet clothes stick to my skin.

Have you ever just let the chocolate melt in your mouth? I swear, it tastes even better this way.

She asked for my resignation.

Her sudden departure surprised us all.

She meant it.

I'm going with Kamel to Boston.

I don't feel like going out for a walk.

Let me help you with your suitcases.

He knocked on the closed door.

Where is the nearest bank?

Why don't you both give up?

I can't talk to her right now.

I've dreamed of this.

I sent it to you two days ago.


Please fetch me a chair from the next room.

Whales are classified as mammals.

I'm bored out of my mind.

The outcome of the upcoming election will be the hardest ever to predict.

He is looked up to by friends.


It was so hot that I thought I was going to pass out.

Do you think it'll rain today?

To our surprise, Dominick came to our party with Doug.

What're we missing?

It was rainy for three days.


Organic food tastes better.

Wouldn't you like to go out and get something to eat?

The child is playing with Meccano.


Did you let Michel drive your car?

That's all I wanted.

Debi told me not to wait for him.

He's the one who told me about that.

My mother loves music.


Did something happen at home?

We gave him some apples.

Does it involve me?

She always has a serious look on her face.

Sjaak is sleeping in his car.


Their home is abundant in love and laughter.

Shari doesn't know how to have a good time.

That red-roofed house is my uncle's.


If Markku had had more time, he would have written Liisa a longer letter.

Thad asked Hirofumi how many people had come to her party.

They didn't answer.

That child wants some friends to play with.

The authorities fined the shop because of a disorder in the electronic balance.


Daniel is showing a great deal of concern over her husband's long absence.

We are to meet at seven tomorrow.

Mariou has a large hunting knife in his right hand.

Poor as a church mouse.

I use Firefox.

A famous architect built this house.

Corey was only thirteen years old at that time.

I forgot to ask Jarvis what you asked me to ask him.

They love each other deeply.

You are a creep.

Joel's parents hate Anderson.

Suwandi looked Curtis in the eyes.

Ricky built his son a house next to his own.

The granny gave me a shove and dashed to the door.

Cliff went out to his car.

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Let's go outside and sit in the sun.

We're good friends.

The machine has to be assembled.

We have to save her.

Could you get off the parcel this morning, please.

What a thoughtless man to do that!

Luke drank Jackye under the table.

Do you think I meant country matters?

How would you describe your relationship with Pedro?

There was nothing that I could do but wait for him.

Do you two know something?

Sorry I startled you!

I need to discuss something with you.


Is anybody waiting in the lobby?

Give me a hint.

Bill stopped smoking.


I can't concentrate if you keep tapping me on the shoulder.

The revised timetable will go into effect on the 5th of this month.

There is no passage for big vehicles here.

I was impressed on how well Morris could speak French.

Dimitry lives on the other side of the valley.


I'm not sure how much we should wait.

Jarmo told me he likes living in Boston.

In 1854, Le Verrier became director of the Observatory of Paris. At the time, this observatory was in decay. Le Verrier reestablished the observatory as a place where good science was taking place.

I cannot guess at all what is going on with him.

It happened in Milwaukee.


Do you want to say a few words?

Charleen couldn't get Dorothy off his mind.

We can get many coals here.

We paid him four dollars.

I don't like the dark.


Do you think Eva would really want to do that?

Whenever I hear this song, I think of his smile.

It's not that long a flight.

Dr. Thatcher diagnosed her patient with generalized anxiety disorder because his symptoms didn't point to other diagnoses.

Hold the line, please.

Laurel knew I was coming.

The poor Irishman was now left all alone, and did not know where the others had gone to, so he just stayed where he was, very sad and miserable.


I have just one small question.