Health is the first condition of happiness.

He was accused of corrupting morals and spreading dangerous ideas.


Jacobson said he needed a dozen eggs.

She married him the following year.

He is not so much a translator as a poet.

She likes to sing.

Judy discovered that he had made a mistake.

I'm afraid something is wrong with my watch.

I like to try new things.


If a man is kind to me, I instantly fall in love with him.

Everybody knows where Australia is.

Frederick was shot three times in the back.

Nobody volunteered.

Earle will ruin his clothing.

She's going to see to it that he can go to the concert.

You guys need new shoes.


She had no cares or troubles of any sort, and every day her tasks became easier, and the years that had gone before seemed more and more like a bad dream.


She spoke above her breath.

I've never heard Lonhyn sing in public.

Don't forget to put a stamp on your letter.

I'm really mad at Barton.

His experiment had many faults in its details.


I'll never work for Syed no matter how much he promises to pay me.

Damon spelled my name wrong.

She's clearly out of practice.

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How many times has Kristen been arrested?

They have company.

It's flu season.

Where do you really want to go?

Is the rumor that Anne will get married to John true?

Who did they survey?

I don't like scary movies!!!

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Tell him we'll be ready.


Lloyd brought dinner.

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He never forgot his ambition to become a great statesman.

How is it that he solved the problem?

You were supposed to do that yesterday.

And that's how I met your father.

I appreciate your situation.

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Bernie will never recover.

She is just a little girl.

I am 12 years old.

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Dogs like to piss on fire hydrants.

He asked me what I had bought.

You're the teacher.

In the United States, fluoride is added to the drinking water.

It became useless.

Renu knew precisely how Julie felt.

Last year, I couldn't spend as much time with my children as I wanted to.


Jean-Pierre declined to say more.

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Tuck your shirt in.


You can't leave yet, Ranjit.


What are you going to give her?

Jack insisted on having a living room to himself.

I don't think you're fat.

I hope Magnus will understand.

I tried explaining the algebra homework to him, but it just went in one ear and out the other.


I'm getting in now.

She believes that jade has medicinal properties.

Jane loves music more than anything else in the world.


He is in anguish over her child.

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We saw the parade move down the street.

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We'll assist in any way we can.

I don't really know what I would like to be when I grow up, but I hope I have a job doing something I enjoy.

Do you remember my poem?


He was completely black and was therefore called Tango the Black Cat.

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My blue dress appeared with a blood stain.

What if we don't find her?

The best was yet to come.


Hmm!! This is good!

I'd rather be a bird than a fish.

He heaped up a fortune.


Can you keep your mouth shut?

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I left for America at ten o'clock.

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Are there francophones in Canada?

I need help with this stuff.

Neil likes playing chess.

It's only 6 months old!

It's not fair!

Is she making a doll?

He decided to trust the lawyer with the document.


We stayed at home last night.


His fingers ran swiftly over the keys.

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It took me three hours to get here from Boston.


Ning realized what had happened.

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This is the first time I've ever waited under the rain.


I didn't know you could play the trombone.

He gets pissed off very easily and yells and screams.

That old cabin is on the left.

It's not going to happen anytime soon.

If everybody thought the way I did, the world would be a much better place.

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Lloyd has bad eyes.

I'll do whatever it takes to save Kenneth.

He occasionally visited me.


He choked with rage.

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Luc was a pretty handsome guy.

He's Georgian.

My room is always clean.


Do you have a retirement plan?


I made a wood table.


She is having second thoughts about buying another car.

I just organized my closet.

Libya's foreign minister has defected.

I haven't seen Dustin around.

They blamed Dale for causing the accident.

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We're going to have to have our house painted soon.

Somebody must have made some kind of mistake.

They wrote a letter to each other once a month.

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That cat really was blue.

It seems to be quiet over there, right?

Are you a man or a woman?

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She cared for her sick father.

You've got to wake up.

You know that I am not promoting Portuguese over Spanish.

He retired because of the loss of his health.

I was amazed at the fluency with which the boy spoke French.

Advances in science don't always benefit humanity.

My sister is too young to go to school.

The horses make dust as they run.

I came to apologize for what happened yesterday.

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Have you ever considered it?


He tried to make both ends meet.


We blamed parents for lack of love.


It seems to be his statement.

What's Jean-Pierre complaining about?

A man must work.


Look, Pat, we don't have time for this.

Florence is the most beautiful city in Italy.

Can you give me a little bit more time?

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Cristopher fired his gun at the rabbit.

I don't want to debate this.

At least I did something.

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You're on the wrong ship. This is a cruise to Alaska, not Hawaii.


I'm going to put everything back where it belongs.


Hal bought a small camera to take on his trip.


He loves art.


Triantaphyllos is yelling at Sir.

I have to apologize.

Men differ from animals in that they can think and speak.

Danny was almost hit by a truck.

I am a shy boy.

The further pursuit of an education was interrupted by the plague.

He can speak both English and French.

I felt as if I had no choice.

Pausing to think doesn't always mean we can.

Today is a sunny day.

Did you eat at home before you came here?

You need to talk to us.

Vincent has a right to know the truth.