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The plan will develop our city.

So which way is it to the People's Park?

We learn about ancient Rome and Greece.


Do you want us to kill them?


May I eat this apple?

He took the lead in fighting pollution.

We grew up in poverty.


I want my three hundred dollars back.


Nakido is better than Twitter.


As compared with the old model, this is far easier to handle.

You're supposed to have this poem memorized before our next class.

Jarvis weighed it.

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It was so foggy I couldn't see who it was.

It's not reasonable.

I'm very glad to have found this site, because it rocks!


Children often imitate their parents.


Erwin took the trash out.

"Is that what you wanted to tell me?" "Yes, that's exactly it."

My brother skips school often.


The room was very untidy.

Are you Elliot?

Think fell asleep during class.

They soon became inseparable.

Your division was highly praised for fighting well in the midst of a hopeless conflict.

Put the bag down.

I'm learning to speak French.


I cannot, however, neglect his warning.


Are you done complaining?

I used to go to church on Sunday.

You're such a hypocrite.


I got hit by a truck.

I'd rather be in Boston.

Manuel came racing down the stairs.


Tracey is not a criminal.

I've never understood him.

You said you loved him.

I open the door and I see two boys standing next to each other.

War is a loathsome business.


We will be conducting an inspection on your stomach tomorrow morning at nine, so please do not ingest anything for twelve hours beforehand.

That's not exactly true.

After I graduated from college, I spent two years traveling around the world.

I know what they mean.

No one will have the heart to say it.

This will change your life.

There is a chronic oversupply of rice in Japan.

I'm not so sure I want to study French.

I must catch the first train.

I have trouble taking powdered medicine.

He didn't care for swimming.

Randell threw the clothes in the fire.

You can have mediocre results now, or outstanding results later.

I can't go back now.

I'm not like the other guys. I'm the best and I always say the truth.

Welcome to Japan.

That woman was almost always in a bad mood.

I would've enjoyed that.

You are always very concise and very much to the point.

We were just talking about basketball.

He can read thoughts.

They telegraphed that everything was all right.

The river is frozen over.


There's a good chance Brenda will pass today's exam.

I think that North Korea is the only country in the world where not a single native Muslim lives, yet some day, the US will find an Al-Qaida cell or, better than that, a link between the DPRK and Al-Qaida in the name of which US missiles will annihilate this Asian nation.

The cultural treasures of the past, believed to be dead, are being made to speak, in the course of which it turns out that they propose things altogether different than what had been thought.

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I never stopped loving you.

He's abrupt in his way of speaking.

I have been acquainted with the mayor for more than twenty years.

My mother objects to smoking.

The boss made them work day and night.

Maybe we should talk to them.

You have water running through your veins.


The course will last fourteen days.

Did the police arrest him?

Mr Smith had his letter typed.

He turned out to be nothing but a liar.

The society made him president.

A cup of coffee, please.

She is too weak.


Kirk is a very sociable person.

I won't tamper with it.

They were listening to the lecture attentively.

"I am very happy", he said.

I doubt Klaus is really that gullible.

He is not dependent on his parents.

The girl snapped up the package and pointed to a little old man standing beside her.

The light turned green.

We're from Boston.


Shouldn't you be helping Rainer?

If there's no bread, just eat the cake.

The class was made up of 15 boys and as many girls.


Do you want me to paint you?

Larry has a difficult relationship with her eldest daughter, who is now 17.

I don't feel like studying at all tonight.

He's a waste of space.

My parents aren't home right now.

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Prakash lied to you, didn't he?

Nicolette must've gone ahead.

Won't you please stay a little bit longer?


Janet is suffering from a toothache.

The aroma of the flowers was the first thing Sarah noticed when she entered the greenhouse.

When will you give me back the money you borrowed from me a year ago?

Is that why you called me?

It was a lovely ceremony.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to.

She has no idea what she's doing.


His story was too ridiculous for anyone to believe.

There's no sign of anything happening in there.

He took a step forward.


Elliot kept me from making a big mistake.

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Serdar thinks it's his fault that Wade died.

What kind of cookies did you buy?

I don't know how to pay you this amount of money.


I need the tape.

They formed a company to control it.

Joe looked sad yesterday?

This was a triumph!

I used to be very good at that.

If it's convenient come here tonight.

Didn't I tell you so?

The dispute over the islands has led to some anti-Japanese protests in China.

I refused for personal reasons.

The conference was not a complete success.

It's a beautiful country.

Axel knew where Cathrin had parked her car.

He is good at gymnastics.


This forest is quiet and peaceful.

The child had no overcoat on although it was very cold.

It is a mystery why he quit his job.


The couple who came on a shrine visit, said, "We prayed that our child would grow up healthily."

I had a very good time.

Alvin couldn't work out why Winston was so cranky all the time.

He usually doesn't brag.

He asked me to help.


Please put your seal here.

Emily and Kate are friends.

Dreams sometimes do come true.


They amused themselves by playing a video game.

Blood was everywhere.

She came to the station to see me off.

You can't cop out on explaining a price increase of that size by blaming OPEC; that won't wash.

It doesn't look like anything to me.


Look, I'm sorry, but you guys are wrong.

That's what I say.

Thanks to the nice person who showed me this thread.


What kind of shoes are you looking for?

I came out here to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Possibly the factory will be closed down next week.

Were you here alone?

I got what you mean.


Do you have a nail file I could borrow?

One reads the sum of 3+2 as "three plus two."

Herb didn't think you'd understand.

Nothing disturbs her.

We don't really know anything about death.

After he awoke, he realized that he was on a desert island.

I've always wanted to get my hands on one of these.

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I've been thinking about what we need to do.

All my advice was lost on her.

And who might you be?

How did you find the time to read so many books?

Button up your shirt.

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She flicked her hair over her shoulder.


The sentence with the next highest number is true.