Belinda sat with Herve on a bench.

The event takes place rain or shine.


You need to be more attentive in class.


The purpose of punctuation is to help the reader.

He saved me from danger.

What can't you do?

Optimism is lack of information.

He is a great scholar, but lacks what is called common sense.


Any suggestions would be helpful.

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I'm pretty sure that's Malcolm's goal.

Lila is the richest guy I know.

I'll settle things with Rudy.

Does Shel know who I am?

I studied there a year ago.


His spirit still haunts the manor.

People usually have two reasons for doing something: a good reason and the real reason.

I want you to work with them.

Be careful with her.

Were you on a tight schedule?


Why isn't Aaron in jail?

No isn't sure.

If there's anything else, we'll call you.

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Could you help me find my keys?

I've got a white horse.

This was bound to happen sooner or later.

Can we do a clothes drag onto the board?

I want to learn Tigrinya.

I've seen the error of my ways.

Pria and Seenu were both drunk.


We've just arrived.

I should've asked Kathryn to help.

How old was Kristin when he moved to Boston?

It was unusually cold last night.

The tree was felled with one hard blow of his ax.

Liza started to walk faster.

A person's soul is immortal.


Pratapwant took a picture of Kees's dog.

I have a message.

Please put your bag under your seat.

I agree with him on this.

I wish I had thought of that.


Look at the sleeping baby.

The settlement is a matter of time.

Though I was tired, I did my best.

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When was the last time you cried?

You never told me where you lived.

He died in 1980, by which time his son had left school.

I have two eyes.

Can I deposit valuables here?

This is a picture of me when I was three years old.

I was just doing my duty.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland.

Have a nice sleep!

I have no proof of that.

Patricia is never going to promote me.

I don't have enough vacation days left at work.

I want to learn these dances!

We take telephone orders.

I think you like me.

He found your keys. He stumbled upon them by chance.

I plan to go to Europe in the summer.

See to it that your cigarette is put out before you go to bed.

Not everyone enjoyed it.

Frances was looking somewhat distraught.

Statesmen of this kind are hard to find.


More can often be gleaned from body language than from what is actually being said.

Have you lost your tongue? Why don't you answer?

Everything went better than I had expected.


The difference between Earth and the other planets is that Earth has water.

I am selling my goats.

It was a dangerous trip.

It's a simple matter for me to reconnect the gas.

Do you have a bigger frying pan?

Breathe in, breathe out.

She lives in an apartment alone.


My client has been charged with murder.

He donated a lot of money.

Don't leave without me.

Tad asked one of his friends for a favor.

Close the curtains! The guy living in the house across the street is a Peeping Brian.

I suppose I can ask them.

Ritchey is probably going to have to go to Boston next week.

You don't have to stand over me.

I had one.

We didn't get all that rain that they forecast.

She rooms at my aunt's.


I'm not saying anybody's lying.


What's his job?

My mother doesn't like to watch TV.

Sheila kept practicing.

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He beat the shit out of me.


He narrowly escaped from the bus when it caught fire.


Where did you smell them?

Mwa's bruises are barely visible anymore.

Earnie is just as old as I am.

Did Gill say how the weather was in Boston?

The nursery toilet door was shut.

There stands a cottage close to the forest.

I was outnumbered.

Are you filming?

I left halfway through the movie.

She made no reply.

I've started playing guitar again.


The police acquainted him with the event.


It's very short.

I asked Donald if he wanted to go and he said no.

He showed me round the park.


He grappled with his brother.


This company has a customer loyalty program.

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He set about his work.

Now my dream is but an extinguished star.

Using Esperanto for international communication is the solution for preserving linguistic diversity.

Sirius is a star brighter than the sun.

I've baked a cake for her.

I would have been happier if I had stayed there.

Will you still drink water?

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Frankie blamed his own blackness for his school problems. His real issue was that so did his teachers.

His cheeks were bright red.

"Whose soldiers are these?" "They are Alaxander the Great's."

What did you answer?

Men of genius are meteors destined to burn in order to illuminate their century.

The wicked man is scared of heights.

They gave mutual help to each other.

We are just about the same age.

Her approval is important to me.

Vishal didn't look dangerous at all.

Molly and Jwahar usually go to school by bicycle.


Defensive driving can help you avoid accidents.


If the times go against you, then go with the times.

Leads wants to have a word with you.

I partnered her in tennis.

Why don't you talk to her?

Major forced me to do that.


I woke up at ten o'clock.

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They were all great men.


Jianyun has learned how to swim.

We had lunch at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

We really thought we could do it.

My French is very limited.

He fell to the floor.

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This matter is very important.

Mara taught me how to do it.

Ole is funnier than Victor.

We'll have to shovel the snow off the roof.

Gilles lived in Boston for a short time.

That's funny!

The teacher was really upset and threw Johnny out of class.

It's best to go to the dentist at regular intervals.

Dan didn't even vote.

He was accused of murder.

Drop the gun.

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Can Linley come, too?

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Oliver can't keep his mouth shut.


I'm seriously falling out of my chair laughing!

What did you bring?

Why can't I do it?

Now we have the "Gold-going Week" holiday for seven days.

Children are quick to gain orientation to new circumstances.

His understanding of logic is abysmal.

Most people don't have researched, well-thought-out positions regarding economic policy. They have opinions based on feelings.

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Carter opened the window to get some fresh air.

You have told another lie.

Let's start tonight.

I love Ann all the more because she is shy.

I hope they all have fun.